Laser Tag Tactics

As in most MilSim team sports, such as airsoft and paintball, one of the most important elements in the lasertag game is the tactics and strategy of the game. If your team does not have tactics for the next game, consider that you have already lost.

When developing tactics, you must first of all consider the roles of different types of players that are present in your team:

Typically, each laser tag team has the following players:

  • Commander
  • snipers or marksmans
  • machine gunners
  • Stormtroopers

Usually, laser tag tactics means different ways of using external factors, such as natural covers, heights, obstacles and defences. In addition, tactics include the most frequently used actions such as working on flanks, skirmishing and making ambushes

This site is about the most frequently used tactics used in the main scenarios (Assault, Bases, Domination etc,) of MilSim laser tag.

Assault scenario and special tactics for offensive team
Assault scenario and special tactics for defensive team