Reconnaissance tactics

One of the most essential things for offensive team in assault scenario is scouting or reconnaissance. In contrast to the actual combat operation the most effective way to do it in Laser tag assault scenario is exploratory attack or reconnaissance in force.
Reconnaissance in force in Laser Tag means obtain information about defensive team, its disposition and resources, approach routes and so on using one or a series of attacks from all possible sides of defended area.

laser tag tactics Reconnaissance in force

If your Assault scenario is limited in time (and in most cases it is true) it is recommended to allow maximum 10% of scenario time for such actions.
That’s why if your assault scenario lasts 12 minutes you can allow nearly 1 minute for exploratory attack and then planning overall assault strategy near respawn point. Usually it will be enough to make 1-2 attacks and find weaknesses in opposite defense, sniper points and so on.