Turning flanks tactics

Turning flanks in assault laser tag scenario is one of the most effective tactic patterns. Turning flanks also called flanking maneuver is a tactics that means attacking enemies team from advantageous side positions.
Turning flanks in most cases is effective maneuver because you have an advantage in concentration of your forces in flanks when the assaulted team usually concentrates its forces in its front area.
Usually defensive team concentrates its forces in the front and is unable to make heavy defense both on the front and the sides, that’s why in this case your team will probably have a great preponderance of forces on the sides and the opposite team vice versa would have unoccupied forces on the front.

Turning flanks laser tag tactisc

The most risk while using this tactics is wasting limited scenario time, because if flanks are heavily protected you will waste a lot of time for outflanking the enemy and could not achieve your goal.
Moreover, in some cases defensive side can make hidden ambushes on the sides and concealed sniper positions.
That’s why this tactics is not always effective and we recommend to use it only after reconnaissance that encounters defensive team positions.
And of course even after reconnaissance you cannot be sure that your enemy team haven’t changed its positions to meet your outflank attack.